Nova Scotia RRA (Regional Risk Assessment) seeking input from stakeholders on RRA for Nova Scotia’s harvestable forest land base.
Notice received June 16, 2024 via Google Alert for “Forestry, Nova Scotia”.No date is given for its issuance or for when the comment period is to begin. There is a link to Register to provide input.

July 16-18, 2024
Workshops on Climate Change Vulnerability & Adaptation Assessment for small private woodlands in Nova Scotia
 July 16, 2024 (Bridgewater), July 17, 2024 (Truro) & July 18, 2024 (Port Hawkesbury),
Family Forest Network. “Are you concerned about how climate change will affect your woodlot and how it’s managed? We are working with Dr. Sheri Andrews-Key from the University of British Columbia on a Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment (CCVA) focused on small private woodlands and owners in Nova Scotia. Dr. Andrews-Key is a national leader on this topic and has conducted several CCVAs in other jurisdictions across Canada.”

Sep 10-11, 2024
First Annual Indigenous Forestry Conference 10—11 September 2024
Optimizing Our Participation in the Forest Economy. 10—11 September 2024, Alberni Athletic Hall
3727 Roger Street, Port Alberni, BC. “We aim to unite Indigenous leaders, forestry professionals, environmentalists, and policymakers to explore the integration of traditional Indigenous knowledge with modern forestry management practices.”