CarbonRun & Liming Forest Soils

Healthy Rivers, Healthy Planet Naturally (Video)
Presentation by Eddie Halfyard & Shannon Sterling to the Halifax Field Naturalists June 18, 2024. Recorded on Zoom & archived by HFN.
“The Nova Scotia Salmon Association’s Ecologist Edmund Halfyard, PhD, along with Dalhousie environmental scientist Shannon Sterling, PhD, co-founded Carbon Run, a company whose mission is to ‘restore the health of rivers and their natural ability to draw carbon from land — to sea’. The presentation details the situation we are currently in, the steps needed to rectify this, and Carbon Run’s approach to doing so. Through their research, they have found that when water quality is restored, rivers regain their natural ability to markedly increase biodiversity while drawing down carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere.”

– CarbonRun: Healthy Rivers, Healthy Planet. Naturally
Website for commercial NS-founded and based enterprise. Mission: Rivers naturally deliver carbon from the land to the ocean, helping keep the planet cool. Pollution has disrupted the river-carbon connection. Healthy rivers make a healthy planet. Our mission is to restore the health of rivers and their natural ability to draw carbon from land-to-ocean. {The Company was] Founded and developed in Nova Scotia by an environmental scientist and freshwater ecologist, our team of experts are dedicated to restoring rivers damaged by pollution to protect aquatic life…Built on decades of research, CarbonRun reduces acidity in rivers. A first-of-its-kind Canadian-made technology, CarbonRun mobilizes hydrological science to safely and verifiably drawdown CO2 . Our founders are global experts on river ecosystem health with decades of applied experience restoring rivers.”

– Where Ideas Meet Impact: Hydrologist’s research positions her to take a global lead in atmospheric carbon dioxide removal
Andrew Riley – April 11, 2024 on Dalhousie News “While pursuing research aimed to restore Nova Scotia salmon habitats, Dalhousie hydrologist Dr. Shannon Sterling and Dal alum Dr. Edmund Halfyard stumbled into the forefront of carbon dioxide (CO2) removal science and growing market demand to remove the gas from the atmosphere. The discovery led to her current role as founder and chief science officer of CarbonRun, a promising CO2 removal startup attracting investment from global players.”

– Healthy Soils – Healthy Woodlands (YouTube Video)
Mersey Tobeatic Research Institute. Posted Oct 28, 2022. Presentations by Kevin kets, Shannon Sterling Eddie Halfyard, David Burton. Includes liming of NS forest soils, benefits for forests, rivers, CO2 drawdown