Harvest Notices

These notices are received by david p as a subscriber to Forest Maps, always with the message:

As of June 2, 2021, only emails submitted using the comment function on the Harvest Plans Map Viewer will be considered during the harvest plan review process. For additional help on how to make a comment please see the “HELP” link at the top of the Harvest Plans Map Viewer. The intent of the Harvest Plans Map Viewer is to seek information currently not known to the department at a site level that is being proposed for harvest. If your comment provides information about the proposed harvest plan that is specific to the site, the department may contact you for further detail. The Harvest Plan Map Viewer has been updated as of Thursday, June 29, 2023. Please refer to the following location: https:\\nsgi.novascotia.ca\hpmv\ .

NRR does not share with the public its or the forest industries’ spatial and longer term, more comprehensive planning for these harvests. The introduction of an EA process that would do just that was recommended by the Independent Review and much of the needed development was completed, but it was, apparently, dropped by the government earlier in 2023 without explanation. (See versicolor.ca/nstriad Post 11Feb2023).

May 30, 2024: Harvest Plan Map Viewer – Legend Update
On May 30, 2024, the Harvest Plans Map Viewer legend will be updated. The update incorporates changes associated with the continued implementation of Ecological Forestry on Crown as recommended in the Forest Practices Report (2018) by Professor Lahey. The update includes 4 areas of change.

1. All proposed prescriptions will be identified based on their zone within the ecological forestry triad (Ecological Matrix or High Production Forestry). Conservation areas are represented in the legend under the Nova Scotia Environment – Protected Areas header and Natural Resources and Renewables – Parks, where no harvesting occurs.

2. A new prescription named “Early Tending” will be added to the legend under High Production Forestry. This symbology represents prescriptions that do not remove merchantable timber from the site. Early Tending prescriptions are intended to help younger trees increase growth and improve stand composition of tree quality and health. Examples include tree planting, weeding and/or pre commercially thinning areas to ensure crop trees have adequate space to grow. Early Tending areas will only be identified on proposed High Production Forestry sites.

3. The prescription “Crop Tree Release” is being removed from the legend as it is a non-merchantable silviculture prescription used only in the Ecological Matrix zone of the triad. Additionally, prescription types: “Group Selection with Reserves”, and “Single Tree Selection” are being combined into a single prescription type named “Selection” in the legend. If a proposed “Selection” plan is clicked by a user, the text box will still provide specific prescription information about the proposed plan.

4. The Outcomes Based Forestry pilot project being conducted within Ecodistrict 210 on the Cape Breton Highlands with Port Hawkesbury Paper, will be represented using pink/rose symbology. All public comments received through the Harvest Plans Map Viewer relating to operational planning will be responded to by Port Hawkesbury Paper.

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One has to wonder why DNR/L&F/NRR does not provide a list of all previous notices on its website.

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