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The mycorrhizal symbiosis: research frontiers in genomics, ecology, and agricultural application
Francis M. Martin et al., 2024. New Phytologist (2024) 242: 1486–1506. Full PDF

Individual canopy tree species maps for the National Ecological Observatory Network
Weinstein et al., 2024 PlosOne

Related: Scientists use machine learning to predict diversity of tree species in forests
on A collaborative team of researchers led by Ben Weinstein of the University of Florida, Oregon, US, used machine learning to generate highly detailed maps of over 100 million individual trees from 24 sites across the U.S., and published their findings July 16 in the open-access journal PLOS Biology. These maps provide information about individual tree species and conditions, which can greatly aid conservation efforts and other ecological projects. …To generate large and highly detailed forest maps, the researchers trained a type of machine learning algorithm called a deep neural network using images of the tree canopy and other sensor data taken by plane. …The deep neural network was able to classify most common tree species with 75 to 85% accuracy. Additionally, the algorithm could also provide other important analyses, such as reporting which trees are alive or dead.